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Tuesday 30. April

Why were the prices adjusted?

We are pleased to announce EMIRATES as our new presenting partner of the VIBEZ Openair, opening up exciting new perspectives for you! 

We donate a part of the contributions received from our partners to various charities. This new cooperation will also enable us to reduce the ticket price from CHF 120 to CHF 59 per 1 Day Pass (the 3 Day Pass now costs CHF 159.00 instead of CHF 289.00). 

Every Openair visitor who has purchased a ticket at the starting price can claim this discount.


I bought a ticket for CHF 120 / CHF 289 - what are my options?

1. Invite a friend to join you at the VIBEZ Openair: 

All you have to do is show your ticket and the receipt for CHF 120 at the information stand with the inscription "Ticket à 120" on it on the day of the Openair and you will receive a second entry. The same applies to the 3 Day Pass: you can come every 3 days with one (and the same) friend.

2. Convert the price difference into credit for food and drink:  

To compensate for the difference in ticket prices, you also have the option of receiving a voucher worth CHF 61 for drinks/food (for 3 days, value CHF 130.-). In order to receive this voucher, we ask you to present your ticket and receipt at the information stand (signposted at the entrance with "Billet à 120") on the day of the festival and you will receive your voucher.


I own a VIP ticket. What can I benefit from?

As a VIP you will of course also benefit from this partnership with Emirates. The VIP offer from VIBEZ is a premium offer that is not affected by the price change. We want to offer our VIP visitors an extremely high-quality open-air experience. Therefore, we are pursuing the approach of further enhancing the offer. Owners of VIP tickets can therefore expect additional and exclusive surprises.


Do you have any more questions?

Please contact us HERE.

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