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Sunday 12. May

The VIBEZ Openair presents its camping concept: Visitors staying at the Openair do not bring their own tent, but move into an already installed tent in the VIBEZ Camping Hostel. This should not only make it as comfortable as possible for the visitors - waste residues can be drastically reduced. For example, three nights in a 2-person tent costs CHF 16.65 per night and person.


An Openair without a campsite is not a real Openair. Visitors to the VIBEZ Openair can expect a particularly relaxed camping experience. They leave their tent at home and only transport their personal accessories to the three-day music happening. Arriving at the Tissot Arena in Biel, they check into their already pitched tent at the VIBEZ Camping Hostel and can enjoy the open air from the very first minute. The departure is also very relaxed. Those who have celebrated for a long time can sleep in peace and quiet on Sunday and leave without having to worry about dismantling the tent. Tents can be booked here.


No own tents

The VIBEZ Camping Hostel also benefits the environment. With the concept of VIBEZ, the amount of waste and the consumption of resources can be reduced decisively! Anyone who has ever seen the campsite after an open-air event knows what it's all about: hundreds of tents, air mattresses and camping chairs are left behind. It is therefore forbidden to bring your own tent to the area. The staff of Zeltheld takes over the erection and dismantling of the high-quality tents, which can be thoroughly cleaned and reused after the Openair.


Full Service Camping with “Zeltheld”

Zeltheld makes it possible. VIBEZ is teaming up with the camping professional from Germany, who is also supplying the well-known “Wacken” Festival with tents. Zeltheld offers visitors a full-service camping experience: set-up and dismantling, transport, optimal parking space and 24-hour on-site support.


Fair prices

Since you are not allowed to bring your own tents, fair and transparent pricing is important. Visitors can choose between normal 2-person tents, 4-person tents and spacious 8-person tents. A tent can be booked exclusively for all three open-air nights. A shorter rental period is not possible.


  • Tent for 2 persons CHF 159.85 (incl. CHF 60 deposit)
  • Tent 4 persons CHF 339 (incl. CHF 120 deposit)
  • Tent 8 persons CHF 430 (incl. CHF 240 deposit)




The indicated prices refer exclusively to the camping offer. Openair tickets, which allow access to concerts, can be booked HERE.



The deposit amount will be paid back to the visitor in cash when the rental objects are handed over properly. If the deposit is forfeited due to damage or total loss, etc., the lessor shall retain the entire deposit amount to cover the damage costs. The lessor reserves the right to further allocate the costs for any replacement procurement or accident of use. In case of damage by third parties or theft, the Zeltheld team must be informed immediately on site. In this case the refund of the deposit can also be refused. However, Zeltheld is always anxious to settle such matters generously for the benefit of the customer.  



Visitors to the VIBEZ Openair will have 2, 4 and 8 tents at their disposalThetents will be set up by the team of Zeltheld on camping area and can not be moved. Smoking is absolutely forbidden in all tents. More information about the tents can be found HERE.


Accessories incl. price list

Accessories can be rented in addition to the tents. These can be booked and purchased directly on site (at the team of Zeltheld).


  • Sleeping bag CHF 34 (incl. CHF 15 deposite)
  • Air mattress CHF 34 (incl. CHF 15 deposite)
  • Camping chair CHF 19 (incl. CHF 10 deposite)
  • Folding table for for persons CHF 29 (incl. CHF 15 deposite)


The deposit amount will be refunded upon proper handover of the rental objects upon departure. 



Visitors of the VIBEZ Openair, who have an extra booking for the camping hostel, can arrive directly at the camping site. There they will be received by the tent hero team at the service tent (pavilion with logo). Visitors can register with their name and booking number. After registration, you will be accompanied to your tent and given an extra ribbon, which must be presented at the entrance to the campsite.  


Further information

For more information about the tents, please refer to the website of our partner Zeltheld: https://www.zeltheld.com/en



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